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Status Not under consideration
Workspace UrbanCode
Categories Deploy
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 6, 2022

More Granularity in Role Configuration in uDeploy

Hi Team,

We need an Enhancement in tool for providing certain access to roles in uDeploy.

As per our Audit requirement we need to maintain 6 years of Deployment History, Version History and Audit data.

We see those options can be enabled globally from System Settings But we also observed that these cleanup settings can be bypass by the component & environment settings by NOT inheriting global settings.

Users will be able to choose their own number of days and number of version artifacts to keep for their components & environment which will cause an Audit Issue.

We checked in Role Configurations to limit this access, but these settings comes under "Edit Basic Settings" access. If we remove this access the users won't be able to perform other required actions like renaming, adding/removing teams, updating other details etc..

We also have submitted PMR's regarding this.

TS009478093 - Audit Cleanup Settings

TS009477925 - Artifact Cleanup Settings

TS009477667 - Deployment History Cleanup Settings

I'm attaching the screenshots where users can bypass these settings.

Now what we need is an enhancement for the Role Configurations where we can specifically disable these cleanup related settings so that users won't be able to bypass the global settings.

Please provide us this enhancement for uDeploy product so that we can stay Audit complaint.

I hope this will help all udeploy users.



Idea priority High
  • Guest
    Apr 6, 2023

    Hello Yousuf,

    As this RFE covers different types of settings, I kindly ask you to open a new RFE for the Audit Cleanup settings so that we can manage it seperately.

    The Artifact cleanup settings and deployment history retention will be covered by RFE URBANCODE-I-512 which is planned for a future release.

    I will close this RFE and await your new RFE for the Audit cleanup soon. Please provide additional details, screenshots or mock-ups if needed.

  • Guest
    Sep 20, 2022

    Setting the artifact cleanup is in the basic settings. So this setting has to be splitted out of it and a new permission type needs to be added.

    All of this makes configration of UCD even more complex and takes time to be implemented right and fully tested.

    In the meantime till it is clear how and when in will be implemented, please use the upcomming "Artifact Retention Management" feature to regularily check the settings and if they have been overridden and act on it.

    Thank You again for your valuable input!

  • Guest
    Jul 29, 2022

    I have forwarded your information to development team and wait for their feedback

  • Guest
    Jul 25, 2022

    Hi Osman,

    Thank you for considering this enhancement request.

    We got this requirement in below scenario

    Our Project Audit team required us to keep data of Deployment History, Audit Data & Version/Artifact Data for 6 years for all the tools. I'm currently working on uDeploy tool to enable this audit requirement.

    We have enabled the Artifact Cleanup Settings, Deployment Hisory Cleanup settings & Audit Log Cleanup Settings as "Days to retain = 2190" which is 6 years.

    But we also find in uDeploy that users can bypass these settings by disabling the "Inherit Cleanup settings" option in Component settings & by disabling below three options under environment configurations

    Use Default Artifact Cleanup Settings

    Use Deployment History Cleanup

    Use Default Deployment History Retention

    If user do this then we'll be in Audit Violation. Hence requested for an feature enhancement where we can disable permissions to these options so that users won't be able to bypass system settings.

    All the above mentioned options are under "Basic Settings" of component or Environment where users will be adding teams, renaming their environment and updating their properties. So we can't simply disable access to Basic Settings section. If we disable the Basic Settings permissions for roles in uDeploy then the users won't be able to perform other required activities as per thier need.

    So We need additional granularity in role configurations where we can limit permissions to the above mentioned options alone such as "Manage Cleanup Settings" in role configurations which can just disable ability to bypass the cleanup settings in component and environment for users.

    Please let me know if any further details are needed.



  • Guest
    Jul 15, 2022

    Thank You for your input. We do plan a new feature which will help you to manage in a centralized way the artifact cleanup settings.

    There are no plans to add new roles or permissions to control the artifact cleanup.

  • Guest
    Jun 7, 2022

    Please could you provide a use-case scenario how this request should work.