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PINNED Terminal emulator support on Docker image
Docker utility should support Functional Perspective test scripts. Slack Issue

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Starting a transaction should not close an open rowset.

See the PMR for details. This restriction: - When a local transaction scope ends, either at the method level or the activity session level, all statements and result sets for shareableconnections are closed. Which is from:
over 9 years ago in WebSphere traditional 2 Not under consideration

Invalidate LtpaToken post-logout

We believe this is actually yet another instance of a request this customer has made multiple times through various channels. (Maybe other customers too, but we know of this one for sure). The issue customer raises is that "logout" does not actual...
over 9 years ago in WebSphere traditional 3 Not under consideration

Provide an Example for an Attribute Modification Notification in Dev Process

We are trying to upgrade from V5.2 to V5.3 of Change. An update was done to the script by IBM for that upgrade. So, none of our out of the box notification templates were working any longer. It took me several hours to figure ...
over 9 years ago in Rational Other / Change 5 Not under consideration

Remediate the limitation on Snapshot Set buttons in the UI

In a Build Forge deployment of over 1000 projects, the snapshot set icon does not appear reliably on each project that contains snapshots. This is due to an array variable used with the size of 1000 to collect the list of projects to be parse and ...
over 9 years ago in Rational Other / Build Forge / Change 3 Not under consideration

SAML does not send LOGOUT request from SAML SP to SAML IdP

Background, this is for IBM Connections customers using SAML. Currently, when SAML customers try to logout of Conncetions they can't because SAML does not send LOGOUT request from SAML SP to SAML IdP. . Find ,spec here section 4.3 of http://docs.o...
over 9 years ago in WebSphere traditional 3 Not under consideration

Change needs to be supported on RH 7.0

My company is upgrading to Red Hat 7.0. We need Change support on this OS and well as Synergy.
over 9 years ago in Rational Other / Change 7 Not under consideration

TRS event log doesn't have FP attribute change info.

1. The current TRS change log event doesn't show what attributes of an element have been changed. In order to identify them among a large amount of elements in FocalPoint (FP), a complex filtering scheme need be implemented. This also results in l...
over 9 years ago in Rational Other / Change 4 Not under consideration

Liberty Server Maven suport: There is no goal to clean a deployment from the dropins directory

There is no goal to clean a deployment from the dropins directory If one of more applications is installed with liberty:install-apps, there is no goal to uninstall these
almost 10 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 3 Not under consideration

Use of correct Regular Expression Syntax - custom migration patterns

In Synergy a new "fix" was applied to properly parse the custom migrate rules for work area synchronization (a.k.a. "My additional patterns"). Using this version of Synergy, one is told that the use of regular expression syntax is supporte...
almost 10 years ago in Rational Other / Synergy 5 Not under consideration

Need buildforge agent rpm for Redhat Linux on Power

IBM has rpms for the buildforage agent for linux on intel and z. We need an rpm for the buildforge agent on power. Currently seeking for bfagent-
almost 10 years ago in Rational Other / Build Forge 4 Not under consideration