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Status Not under consideration
Categories ClearQuest
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 5, 2017

ClearQuest Web Client Configuratble Print Button

Provide the ability to disable or customize the CQ web client “Print” button / icon. Allow:

1. Enable or Disable the print button function. (minimally).

2. Assign a default custom report per record type to the print button (ideally).

The current CQ web client has a Print button that dumps a “Report” of all of the record type fields in table form for a specific selected record. If a field is a reference field, its child record is also dumped.

There are several issues with this ranging from company disclosure / security to presentation.

Consider a Defect record type that has many fields defined: some are company internal, some may be customer private and others may be public. Some fields are references to other CQ record types. These other record types may be internal or public as a whole, or they may contain a mix of fields as well. This defect record type has references to an internal Test record type. This Defect record has a Public / Private field that is checked to specify if the is public (default is private).

If a CQ web client user selects the print button/icon for a selected defect record, they get a default dump of all of the fields, including referenced record, company private and public. The format is not friendly. There are no company markings in this report – no headers, footer, propriety markings, etc.

This dumped report may inadvertently be sent to a customer or other organization containing internal data.

Our only recourse is to try to train our users to not use the CQ web client default print button. We must train them to use the Report Launcher with our custom reports. One problem is ensuring training is provided to all on-site and remote users, they remember this training and they do not forget and use the easily visible default print button. This has a high probability of human error.

Minimally, we should be able to disable the CQ web client print button so that accidental printing cannot occur. Maybe include an option where attempted use of the print button would display a customizable pop-up message. Then we could remind the users to use the Report Launcher.

We have built pull reports using Crystal Reports and access them using the Report Launcher either directly (web browser) or via the “Manage Reports” button in the CQ Web client.

- One set of reports is for internal use and includes our internal private fields.
- One set of reports is for customer and public use and does NOT include company internal and private.
- A record type may have multiple reports to use for different purposes.
- We have formatted the report into a preferred layout and included only desired fields.
- We have included appropriate headers, footers, company markings, etc.

Ideally, we would be able to assign a default report per record type to the CQ web client print button. That way we can default to a safe public report. Or, allow multiple reports to me assigned to a record type and have the print button have the user select the desired report. Then is it the company's decision of which reports to load. A naming convention could be used to distinguish private and public reports. Or allow for Private and Public sections in the pop-up report selection window similar to the query tree has private and public section.

Idea priority Medium
RFE ID 106076
RFE Product Rational ClearQuest
  • Guest
    Mar 25, 2022

    Hi De Zhi Mou,

    I apologize for the delay in replying to this topic and understand that the RFE has been closed. It took me a while to be able to research, do some testing, and get back to this forum.

    In general, the suggestions provided are not a viable option to the issue.

    Our CQ admin spends a significant amount of time and effort installing and implementing the CQ Push and Pull reports, the Report Server, and either Crystal or BIRT reports. These provide reports in the required and desire format and our user base and customers are familiar with their content and use. The suggested solution is a work around that required more time and effort for the CQ admin to spend understanding and implementing a duplicate report option with no added benefit. For a CQ site implementation with a large number of report, this requires an additional amount f effort to create and maintain this duplicate set of reports. The results are reports in a different format that can confuse the users and customer as to why there are multiple report types. This work around is at the benefit of not implementing the correct and better solution at the cost of extra work and confusion to the admins and users. I only performed a limited test of the suggestions and stopped after testing a a few of our reports once I realized the effort and duplication required. I also did not get a solid feeling that the results provided a viable deployable option to all the users before I stopped.

    A much simpler, correct solution it to provided a CQ web admin option to disable this feature with a message to use push-pull reports provided by the admin. For example, a CQ admin configuration option of a checkbox to enable/disable the feature, a text box to display a customizable message to users who attempt to select the option, and/or a customizable link to the report server that can be launched instead.

    Thank you,

    - Jeff (CC/CQ Admin since 01/2000)

  • Guest
    Feb 7, 2022

    Closed due to no updates.

  • Guest
    Jan 25, 2022

    If there is no more update, we will close this RFE.

  • Guest
    Nov 16, 2021

    Regarding protecting the company proprietary data when printing a record, can you try the following workarounds to see if they partially address your concern?
    1. You can use the List View, and Customize List View functionality to customize how you view records.
    2. The Form Selection feature allows an administrator to create multiple forms for any record type. You can set your own preferred form for printing a record.

    Any update on this topic and the impact/value it has to your organization would be helpful. We appreciate the input. Thank you.

  • Guest
    Jun 19, 2017

    A preliminary evaluation of this request indicates that it is consistent with our business strategy. Further evaluation of this RFE is underway.