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Status Not under consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 29, 2013

switching tabs in .tc shold save information

Problem description
# save automatically (like you do for properties tabs)
# stop asking if user wants to loose changes (yes/no)

Idea priority Low
RFE ID 30690
RFE Product Rational Software Architect Real Time Edition
  • Admin
    Osman Burucu
    Jan 19, 2024

    As part of the review process, we strive to be transparent about our intentions with each enhancement suggestion.

    This idea is either outdated or has been implemented in one of the versions. Please check with latest version (V 12.0 at the time of writing)

    The offering team has carefully reviewed this idea and has decided that it does not fit into our current plans, so the idea will be closed. The idea will be kept in IBM's ideas repository and may still be voted on. It might be reassessed or reopened for additional feedback in the future. We value your feedback and thank you for allowing us the privilege of partnering with you in developing our products.

  • Guest
    Sep 24, 2015

    Due to processing by IBM, this request was reassigned to have the following updated attributes:
    Brand - WebSphere
    Product family - Application Platform
    Product - Software Architect Real Time Edition

    For recording keeping, the previous attributes were:
    Brand - Rational
    Product family - Design & development
    Product - Software Architect Real Time Edition

  • Guest
    Apr 10, 2014

    Information not provided

  • Guest
    Jun 13, 2013

    Can you please give us more details in regards to the problem description.
    Would you like to have autosave option? Also we can not see that we are asking if the user wants to loose changes when he switches tabs in a TC editor that has been modified. Can you clarify.

  • Guest
    May 20, 2013

    I could not reproduce getting the "Discard changes" dialog by following the provided steps. However, I do get the dialog if something happens with the TC file outside of the TC editor, for example if doing uncheckout of the file from the command-line and then doing Refresh in the Project Explorer.
    But from the provided steps I don't see anything that could modify the TC file on disk, which confuses me. Could there be some step missing, or some other explanation why the TC file would change on disk? Do you always see this behavior or only in some circumstances?

  • Guest
    May 15, 2013

    Steps a .tc
    2.go to properties tab
    3.type something in common preface (e.g. //foo
    4.go to a different tab
    5.popop modal dialog (emphasis mine) states
    Discard Changes

    The file or parent .... changed outside the .... editor. Do you want to discard your changes' and load ....

    Yes No

    If you click yes, your changes are lost.

    So RFE is to treat this like properties tab- you are not prompted to save/lose info when you switch through tabs there, but are in TC editor.

  • Guest
    Apr 11, 2013

    I cannot reproduce the situation when we would ask the user to loose changes when he switches between tabs in a TC editor that has been modified. Please provide the steps you use when seeing that behavior.

    Also, I disagree that it would be a consistent behavior to always save automatically when you switch tabs in the TC editor. Other tabbed Eclipse editors do not behave like this. The editor is only saved when the Save button is pressed. Note that Properties is a view and not an editor. For views, the Eclipse behavior is to save changes as soon as a field looses focus. There is not an explicit Save action on views.

    Eclipse in general lacks a feature to automatically save dirty editors, but there are 3rd party plugins that can be used to get this feature (for example
    Do you want all editors to save automatically, or only the TC editor? Why should the automatic saving be connected with the action to switch tabs?

  • Guest
    Mar 11, 2013

    Uncommitted candidate