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Welcome to the IBM Ideas Portal ( - Use this site to find out additional information and details about the IBM Ideas process and statuses.

IBM Unified Ideas Portal ( - Use this site to view all of your ideas, create new ideas for any IBM product, or search for ideas across all of IBM. - Use this email to suggest enhancements to the Ideas process or request help from IBM for submitting your Ideas.



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Control billing options in provision a SoftLayer VM from UCD / BPD

When provision a SoftLayer VM in UrbanCode Deploy Blue print designer, BPD provision a VM with "hourly" billing option by default. Once billing option is set, later it can not change the billing option to "monthly". There is a custom property 'hou...
over 6 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 2 Not under consideration

HA Support for Blueprints infrastructure

Installation of UCD with Blueprint designer (6.2.x) is really set up for a single server installation. An enterprise installation however, wants separation of concerns (eg database on a separate server) and support for HA is often mandatory. HA fo...
almost 7 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 2 Not under consideration

New columns in Urbancode Build reporting tables

Hi - we run some reporting on a monthly / quarterly basis to produce some metrics about uBuild usage. We would like to report on the number of 'Projects', and although we can get a count of Project from the 'Projects' reporting table, it does not ...
almost 7 years ago in UrbanCode / Build 4 Not under consideration

Tomcat Installation and Configuration

We used XLDeploy to perform Tomcat installation and configuration. UCD Tomcat plugin does not have the ability to install and configure. XLDeploy functionality are
over 7 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 3 Not under consideration

UrbanCode plugin iOS deliver to app store

There is a bank here in Brazil - Banco do Brasil (AVP Customer) - that is asking why we don't provide the ability to deliver an app to the iTunes App Store in our UrbanCode Deploy. They want to automate the delivery pipeline, and they mentioned th...
over 7 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 2 Not under consideration

Option to Rollback Environment Stacks Upon Failure of Application deployment (UCDP)

The use of UCDP to provision application stacks works wonderfully, however, when UCD fails to deploy an application to the newly provisioned application stack, users are stuck with an error message in UCDP. If users successfully deploy the applica...
over 7 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 2 Not under consideration

Allow Update Users to be executed on a scheduled basis

We use a LDAP Authentication Realm for access to UC Release. We would like to have the ability to schedule the Update Users process for our authentication realm on a set schedule to make sure our users are kept up to date with access levels and ro...
almost 8 years ago in UrbanCode / Release 3 Not under consideration

Openshift as Target for Blueprints

Openshift shall be another target for Blueprints (HEAT/HOT) as VMWARE or Openstack
almost 8 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 2 Not under consideration

UCD WAS Deploy plugin 'Add Target to Module' step

There are certain context were adding a target to module with UCD step that only allows single module map of an application will not work. A context is when a webservice has a generated router war module. Both the jar/ejb and router/war module hav...
almost 8 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 2 Not under consideration

Remove users from UC Release who are no longer in LDAP

When a user exists in UC Release and is removed from LDAP, UC Release does not remove the user from LDAP when the "Update Users" option is selected. This leaves a gap in our tools where users are still receiving emails and still exist in UC Releas...
almost 8 years ago in UrbanCode / Release 3 Not under consideration