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if artifact version associated with snapshot is listed, it will be easier for cleaning artifacts

To troubleshoot why some artifacts are not getting cleaned up
4 months ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 1 Submitted

Resource template inheritance - Add functionality to inherit Resource template properties

The point with templates, in order to get those to be used as much as possible is to have the possibility to inherit ALL the values you can register in a (Resource) template.I think it would be great for all the users of Urbancode Deploy.For now, ...
4 months ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 0 Under review

Changing the urban code agent cert validity from 20 years to 2 years

When UCD agent is installed an entry 'ucd-agent-id' is created in agent.keystore, by default it comes with 20 years of validity but we want this entry to be valid for a period of 2 years, so that it can be rotated. By following this we can mitigat...
4 months ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 3

Only Modify/Create Snapshot during deployment from Jenkins pipeline using plugin

Deployment to the production environment requires manual approval in our organization. Due to the pipeline syntax for UCD deployment, it is not possible to simply generate or alter the snapshot but must instead deploy the artifact during the deplo...
5 months ago in UrbanCode / Velocity 1 Needs more information

Additional Authentication methods for Secret Store

Current Secret store in UCD supports connection to Vault with RoleId bases authentication. Our organization Hashicorp Vault implementation does not support RoleID based authentication but supports below authentication methods: https://developer.ha...
5 months ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 1 Under review

Applications teams are facing issues in importing artifacts from RAW formatted repositories For e.g: When you use raw (e.g. javascript cwa) or pypi format then it can only pick up the first level folder name as the version This doesn't work very well as normally users would have multiple applications in a nexus repo, each in their own folder, So it forces one repo per application or inability to use pull for non java applications. Due to this all javascript, python and non maven java applications are affected by this. Do we have any update on Nexus Repo v3 / Maven plugin in upcoming releases to pull artifacts specific set of folders from raw formatted repositories.

Our applications teams are facing issues in importing artifacts from RAW formatted repositories When you use raw (e.g. javascript cwa) or pypi format then it can only pick up the first level folder name as the version This doesn't work very well a...
5 months ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 2 Under review

Disable/Enable a button for select all application components to deployment

New interface under Application deployment has a button for select all application components for deployment. Because of that the customer can deploy hundreds of components by mistake. We're suggesting the option for disable this button from the s...
5 months ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 1 Needs more information

Customize Components execution order in component tags

Currently when user is using component tag deployment with multiple components the execution sequence is depends on the name of component(takes alphabetically). There should be an option to determine the order of execution.
6 months ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 1 Needs more information

Possible usage PaaS- (instead of IaaS / VM) to run UCD Application server

Currently we are using Azure Iaas for UCD Infrastructure as below Azure Linux VM (IaaS) with RHEL7 for License server and RHEL for UCD server. Azure Storage account to store shared files (appdata) which is mounted to VM Azure MS SQL as database We...
6 months ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 1 Future consideration

Need a property to fetch manual task approval date and time

When a manual task is approved, the approver name and display name exposed as output properties in the step. These properties can be referenced using: ${p:ManualTask/ApproverDisplayName} and ${p:ManualTask/ApproverName} In addition to approval nam...
6 months ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 2