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Streamlining the distribution of a custom provider in CTE

When want a custom provider for merges/compares in CTE We have 50+ clients with ClearCase Manually creating the provider via settings dialog in CTE for every client costs a lot of time and is errorprone So the idea would be to distribute the custo...
12 days ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 0 Submitted

ClearCase4Cds: check "checkedout but removed" files before check-in

In ClearCase Cadence integration, we are using ClearCase GUI to check-in Cadence library, cell, views. Some of Cadence tools remove files in a cellview with unix remove command and not use the DM remove. A check for check-in is needed: If there ar...
17 days ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 0 Submitted

Fully Support Windows API GetFileInformationByHandleEx() Call in MVFS

Certain tools that use the current CLANG toolset use this call to get a unique file ID (to avoid scanning the same file multiple times.
about 1 month ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 0 Submitted

Allow the startup behavior of ClearCase Doctor to be set at install time

By default the CC doctor runs at startup. For enterprise wide installs of CC this is not necessary. Allowing a response file to have the desired CC Doctor start-up behavior pre-set would be helpful for enterprise wide installs.
about 1 month ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 0 Submitted

ClearCase compatibility with Azure AD

a. How from Architectural perspective Azure AD joined devices are not supported (since it is the future)? From a technical point of view, it is actually not currently possible to do this on Windows hosts because Azure AD is not backward compatibl...
6 months ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 1 Submitted

Add Docker for Windows support for MVFS based ClearCase views

Please support ClearCase dynamic views to be mounted in Docker for Windows containers, e.g. binding a folder on an MVFS drive to a container directory / drive when starting the container or install a component within the container, which can start...
almost 3 years ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 0 Future consideration

checkvob should detect corrupted containers

Add a checkvob option to scan the VOB for corrupted source container. That option will prevent critical situation such as multisite replication stuck because of corrupted container. Currently the only way is to open all files until an error is pro...
10 months ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 0 Submitted

Integration support for Visual Studio 2022

Visual Studio 2022 was released on 16 December 2022, we need to support an integration.
11 months ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 0 Submitted

Create no-GUI install option for Unix hosts.

Hosts used in ClearCase "build farms" are often created without the GUI-specific ClearCase prerequisites (motif, X, GTK, etc.) to speed startups and reduce disk space needed -- particularly when the "build farm" hosts are increasingly virtual mach...
4 months ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 0 Submitted

Add information about last winkin date in output of lsdo command.

Currently, output information of last access date by "lsdo-l" command. But in actuality this information same as created date. We need information of last used date the DO. That means last winkin date by the DO. We will use this information for ju...
8 months ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 2 Submitted