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Performance Tester

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I want to be able to delete rows from custom code through the IDataSetController

Currently, I can overwrite rows and I can add rows. I do not have the ability to delete rows. As a "pre test" operation I want to issue a request to get new data from my server and overwrite what currently exists in the dataset with it. If there w...

RPT Command Line -- need new "-exportstatspattern" option to specify "Custom pattern" for "CSV file name format"

Bottom line: All assets produced by RPT should be able to have the same filename prefix. From the command line, the name of the results files can be specified, but the filename prefix of the "CSV/JSON" stats exports can only be specified from the ...
about 1 year ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Performance Tester 1 Planned for future release

Need to have Smart Card support restored for Rational Performance Tester

Beyond versions 9.5, smart card support was removed from the products due to a transition with the underlying JRE. Support for Smart Cards remains a requirement for US government clients and should be restored as quickly as possible.
about 1 year ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Performance Tester 3 Not under consideration

Creating JDBC requests in Rational Performance Tester

RPT should support creating a JDBC requests to perform the database testing plan unline how Jmeter support it. Ref:
8 months ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Performance Tester 2 Future consideration

Have an option to automatically delete browser hitory when doing a HTTP reording

Every time I do a http recording it's best practice to delete browing history, even cookies, in fact RPT tells us so, see first picture. Why not have a check box somewhere on this dialog in second picture
almost 2 years ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Performance Tester 6 Not under consideration

Additional error handling functionality for unattended test runs

As originally discussed on the forums, it was suggested to submit a RFE. ( We are looking for a solution to automatically stop/exit the test whe...
over 3 years ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Performance Tester 5 Not under consideration

Executive Summary and Transaction reports in a word Docs

Reports need to be in an editable format that can be sent by email, upload to RQM as a document in the test plan, and be able to be uploaded into other in-house customers applications.
almost 6 years ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Performance Tester 3 Future consideration

pre-populate Test->Recording->Proxy Recording filters with well known junk domains

RPT allows the use of filters when recording to filter out domains at recording time so they don't have to be filtered out at test generation time. The problem is this list is empty, and a bit tricky to use Refer to junk1.jpg for the Preference in...
over 1 year ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Performance Tester 0 Not under consideration

Japanese pdf documents should be prepared

Even if click each link from "Product documentation in PDF format" page selected Japanese laungage, the pdf documents are opened in English.These pdf document should be opened in Japanese as well.
over 1 year ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Performance Tester 0 Future consideration

RPT should not report Dropped Connections as Server Timeouts -- a new Error Condition "Dropped Connection" is needed

A new Error Condition "Dropped Connection" or "Connection Forcibly Closed" needs to be created to account for cases where the System Under Test drops a connection before the configured Server Timeout value. E.g. for cases such as: "