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Workspace UrbanCode
Categories Deploy
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 14, 2024

Allow a non-interactive console access to obtain the password silently while uploading the Process as Code files

We are trying to develop an automatic lifecycle for our deployment processes in UrbanCode Deploy 7.3.2


We get the error "IO error: direct console access unavailable" when trying to update the processes in UCD from a Jenkins pipeline.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Download the PACC binaries from the UCD server embedded tools

2) Run the upload-application-process script inside a Jenkins sh statement

Here is an example of the upload-component-process script:


PACC_LOCATION=`dirname "$0"`
PACC_PROGRAM=`basename "$0"`
if [ "$PACC_LOCATION" = "." ]; then
exec java \
"-Dpacc.location=$PACC_LOCATION" \
"-Dpacc.program=$PACC_PROGRAM" \
-cp "$PACC_LOCATION/lib/pacc-" \
ucd.pacc.main.UploadComponentProcessMain \

If you decompile that JAR file inside the lib directory you can see the class handling the password.

The method throwing the Exception is this one:

protected ConsoleWrapper mustGetConsole() throws IOException {
return (ConsoleWrapper)this.getGlobalProcessState().getConsole().orElseThrow(() -> {
return new IOException("direct console access unavailable");

Questions & ideas:

Is it possible to improve the password management by the AbstractProcessCommand class in order to avoid a manual interactive prompt?

How do you recommend clients to achieve a lifecycle with the defined processes saved in an external repository? Any recommendations?

It should be great for all if we could run the script outside our local environments.

Idea priority Urgent
  • Admin
    Randy Langehennig
    May 7, 2024

    Thank you very much for meeting with our team. We will be working to implement this idea for a release later in the year.

  • Admin
    Randy Langehennig
    Mar 28, 2024

    Thank you very much for the detailed explanation that you provided. We are going to setup an internal discussion topic with the development team to review. If required, we will be in touch to setup a meeting so our development team can speak directly with you. For now, I think we have what we need and we will be in touch.

  • Admin
    Randy Langehennig
    Mar 25, 2024

    Hi All,

    I received this information from Bharath which is helpful:

    I will add a little context, the customer wants to make changes to UCD processes through GIT. Any changes that they would like to do, they want to first do it in a lower environment before propagating it to PROD UCD. Currently, they would like to modify processes in an editor outside of the UCD process design page, store it in GIT and then upload it to test UCD. If they are satisfied with their change then they would like to upload it to PROD UCD. They want to use PACC in this process as it helps them in modifying processes through editors. They are trying to implement GITOPS with UCD processes.

    Their issue was originally raised as a support case (TS015432445) but it was responded with as an unsupported feature and hence the RFE from the customer.


  • Admin
    Randy Langehennig
    Mar 20, 2024

    Can you provide a little more context around your Jenkins process? Is this building some code and then as part of the Jenkins build you want to upload the process used in Deploy to a git repository? We are a little confused on our side. Did you make a change to the process in the Jenkins build? We need more context to understand this much better for our development team to address. If it would help to meet, we would be happy to do that as well. Thank you!

  • Admin
    Randy Langehennig
    Mar 8, 2024

    Thank you for submitting this idea. We are going to create a discussion topic with our development team to review your comments above. We will be in touch.