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Status Not under consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 25, 2013

Helper to sort

Generally having some visible organization within a context is considered a maintainability enhancer. E.g. there is a standard GNAT warning about non-alphabetical units in a scope. Theory is the IDE outline of the file should be easy to use (aplha) and the source file contents should match the outline.

It would be helpful if there was aide to do this without manually moving things up/down one at a time.

E.g. sort all within scope. Applies to class-attributes (and aggregations), class-operations, class-genaralizations, class-dependencies.

If there is some rationale as to this not making sense in some case, its probably a class that needs to be remodularized anyway.

Idea priority Low
RFE ID 32825
RFE Product Rational Software Architect Real Time Edition
  • Admin
    Osman Burucu
    Jan 19, 2024

    As part of the review process, we strive to be transparent about our intentions with each enhancement suggestion.

    This idea is either outdated or has been implemented in one of the versions. Please check with latest version (V 12.0 at the time of writing)

    The offering team has carefully reviewed this idea and has decided that it does not fit into our current plans, so the idea will be closed. The idea will be kept in IBM's ideas repository and may still be voted on. It might be reassessed or reopened for additional feedback in the future. We value your feedback and thank you for allowing us the privilege of partnering with you in developing our products.

  • Guest
    Sep 24, 2015

    Due to processing by IBM, this request was reassigned to have the following updated attributes:
    Brand - WebSphere
    Product family - Application Platform
    Product - Software Architect Real Time Edition

    For recording keeping, the previous attributes were:
    Brand - Rational
    Product family - Design & development
    Product - Software Architect Real Time Edition

  • Guest
    May 15, 2013

    Currently planned for RSARTE 8.5.1 CP2.

  • Guest
    Apr 23, 2013

    Our side thinks Mattias's solution sounds great.

  • Guest
    Apr 23, 2013

    I will provide Mattias's possible solution to the developer asking for this, to see whether he agrees it meets his needs.

  • Guest
    Apr 23, 2013

    What should be sortable

    - operations of a class
    - attributes/aggregations (same thing code wise) of a class
    - sub-group by visisble scope (public/private/etc) {if no other attribute->attribute dependency would cause reorder}
    - dependencies (header inclusion order) of a class
    - inheritance (base classes) of a class
    - parameters of operations
    - nested classes of a class
    - sub-group by visisble scope (public/private/etc) {if no other nested class->nested class dependency would cause reorder}
    - classes of a package (for doc gen traversal)
    - packages of a package (for doc gen traversal)

    What we see in generated code is a spaghetti of attribute declarations of all scopes slammed together


    And operations where there are obvious prefix grouping for similar things scattered in order.

    void p();
    void r();
    void aaThis();
    void ccThat();
    void r2();
    void r3();
    void aaTheOtherThing();

    Use Case:

    1.order elements added to model is unlikely to be meaninful in any time frame
    2.keep similar things together
    3.aphabetical arrangement of content in scope is already enshrined in some style guides (browser outline = model outline = file order) for improved maintainability
    4.maintainability is where costs explode.

  • Guest
    Apr 17, 2013

    We could solve this by adding a new button in the property pages Attributes, Ports, Dependencies and Operations. This button would become enabled when the elements in the property page have been sorted (so that the property page no longer shows the real order of the elements as they appear in the model). If the button is pressed the elements will be reordered in the model to match the order in which they are shown in the property page. Inherited elements should not be reordered however.
    We can call the new button "Move elements to be ordered as sorted". It will make it easy for the user to reorder model elements according to a particular sorted order without having to manually move the elements one by one like today.

  • Guest
    Apr 16, 2013

    Asked developer for clarification.

  • Guest
    Apr 4, 2013

    Can you please provide more informationon what should be sorted in problam description and a better usecase.