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Status Not under consideration
Categories ClearCase
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 5, 2016

Cadence/ClearCase integration: reporting capabilities required

The Cadence/ClearCase integration should get comprehensive reporting facilities. This is to make changes easily visible and traceable for all developers - rather than ClearCase experts only that would need to compose complex "cleartool find" commands. Users need a reporting capability readily available in their GUI (i.e.: Library Manager and/or ClearCase Workarea Manager).

We propose to enhance the "Manage Hierarchy" and "Workarea Manager" graphical user interfaces so users will be able to create reports, which would be displayed in a tabular format, and can also be saved to text files (comma-separated values).

Scope of action:
* selected elements (select, context menu): a cellview, a set of cellviews, a cell, a set of cells, a library, a set of libraries; or: all libraries visible in WAM
* for individual cellview: allow to recurse the hierarchy (like in "Manage Hierarchy"

Compare (find elements):
* Current view (according to rules in config spec) vs. a given label
* Current view (according to rules in config spec) vs time rule
(note: time on same branch only)
* Current view (according to rules in config spec) vs another view
* one label vs another label (find elements, which have both labels)
* Time vs time (find elements, which changed between two the given time stamps - i.e. have different versions (on one branch)

For user the interaction for creating a report should be similar as. e.g. applying a label:
* Define scope (selection, optionally including hierarchy)
* Define "left hand side" (label, time, view)
* Define "right hand side" (label, time, view)
* Launch the report generation

Report should list a list of OpenAccess elements, which:
* Fit the criteria (scope) and are actually different
* columns for "left" version and "right" version
* From the list it should be possible to apply the "usual actions": (label, checkout, checkin, uncheckout, history)

Idea priority Medium
RFE ID 98112
RFE Product Rational ClearCase
  • Admin
    Osman Burucu
    Sep 15, 2023

    As part of the review process, we strive to be transparent about our intentions with each enhancement suggestion. The offering team has carefully reviewed this idea and has decided that it does not fit into our current plans, or the idea has aged or has been implemented, so the idea will be closed. The idea will be kept in IBM's ideas repository and may still be voted on. It might be reassessed or reopened for additional feedback in the future. We value your feedback and thank you for allowing us the privilege of partnering with you in developing our products.

  • Guest
    Jan 10, 2017

    Although the theme of this request is consistent with our business strategy, it is not committed to the release that is currently under development.

  • Guest
    Dec 5, 2016

    Please see in addition some use cases in more verbose format:

    As a physical designer (layouter) I need to find/see differences between my workspace (config spec set to e.g. label, branch, timestamp) and a workspace from schematic designer (config spec set to e.g. label, branch, latest..) (checked in data), so that I can plan, which layout cells need to be changed to get matched layout vs schematic status (clean LVS).

    As a verification engineer I need to find/see differences between my workspace (config spec set to e.g. label, branch, timestamp) and a workspace from schematic designer (config spec set to e.g. label, branch, latest..) (checked in data), so that I can plan, which vhdl models need to be updated to be able to run the verification plan of schematic design.

    As a project manager I need to find/see differences in design hierarchy (layout and schematic) between two derivates of a chip ( “TO1 and TO2 == label vs label”, or “TO1 and derivate of TO1 == label vs branch out of label” or “TO1 and current design== label vs latest” so that I can see if right blocks (version of blocks) will be taped out.

    In all roles/scenarios I am interested in:
    * Whole workspace (manager workspace) or
    * Hierarchy only (manage hierarchy)