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PINNED Terminal emulator support on Docker image
Docker utility should support Functional Perspective test scripts. Slack Issue

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How to Enable CGI in Rational Change 5.3 and 5.3.1

In previous version of Rational Change (5.2), we were able to enable CGI scripting.IBM had a tech note on how to implement: attachment for Tech Note) We need IBM to document how to enabl...
almost 10 years ago in Rational Other / Change 6 Not under consideration

Toggle to control related object links in left nav

Due to the large number of records we've collected in BuildForge, navigation performance has slowly degraded over time. Through talks with support, we believe a significant portion of this is attributed to the queries taking place on almost every ...
almost 10 years ago in Rational Other / Build Forge / Change 3 Not under consideration

Request to Create API to Delete browser cache for IE

System:IBM Kenexa Brassring on Cloud. Actor: Automation Team requiring this feature.We are currently using SILK Test and Planning to migrate to RFT. In SilkTest we have something like BrowserPage.Flushcache () in- built. We would like to see simil...
almost 10 years ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Functional Tester 5 Not under consideration

ccm_install -C "for a Synergy client on Unix"

We wish for the Unix client installation, an additional switch when ccm_install This not installed and retrieved everything is like:Informix, Help Server, / etc / services ...
almost 10 years ago in Rational Other / Synergy 7 Not under consideration


Currently a user must have the operator and configurator roles at cell level, in order to be allowed to use the rollout function in the last deployment step in the admin console. I.E. you have to give far too high permissions in a cell with severa...
almost 10 years ago in WebSphere traditional 2 Not under consideration

Need all link types available from RDM to be visible back CLM tools

RDM 403 allows traceability to the CLM tools (RRC, RTC, RQM). Some of the link types can be made from RDM to the CLM tools, but that same link does not appear in the targeted tool. Example: Creating a design in RSA / RDM allows a user to link ("Sa...
almost 10 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Software Architect Designer for WebSphere 2 Not under consideration

RDM: ability to move artifact between folders

If designs are created in the wrong folder, they cannot be moved to the correct folder in RDM.There is no workaround for this.The user is required to preplan every design that goes into the system,or rely on bookmarking and querying designs in one...
almost 10 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Software Architect Designer for WebSphere 2 Not under consideration

Show not only username/uid in Synergy GUI, but also Firstname + Lastname

Hello Synergy development,here comes my enhancement request:it would be helpful, if Synergy shows not only username/uid in Synergy GUI, but also Firstname + Lastname.Data for Firstname + Lastname should be provided from RDS.This function should be...
about 10 years ago in Rational Other / Synergy 5 Not under consideration

Build forge PHP support for 5.5.x and above - Qualys Guard scan fails on PHP 5.3.x

PHP 5.3.x buldled with Build forge 7.1.3 has security vulnerabilities as per Qualys Guard security scans. We are unable to resolve the vulnerabilities by upgrading PHP libraries to 5.5.x as per the recommendation as they are not compatible with bu...
about 10 years ago in Rational Other / Build Forge 3 Not under consideration

Liberty Profile on Beaglebone Black

Please consider support of the IBM JDK and Liberty Profile on Beaglebone Black. Headless support will suffice, but utility libraries to access the hardware would be nice (already using purejavacomm a.o.)
about 10 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 3 Not under consideration