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PINNED Terminal emulator support on Docker image
Docker utility should support Functional Perspective test scripts. Slack Issue

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Codegeneration: Generate a forward declaration for a shared aggregation (in stead of inclusion)

- In Rose-RT a shared aggregation would generate a forward declaration: You don't have to know the contents, only the name of the class. In CP2 an inclusion is generated instead: D_FooBar.h: #include . That can lead to dependency creep.
over 10 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Software Architect Real Time Edition 4 Not under consideration

work item integration with Remedy

For customers that use Remedy as their sole production change management system, much of their existing release management is done using Remedy records. Approvals are recorded via those records. Urbancode Release needs an integration to Remedy jus...
over 10 years ago in UrbanCode / Release 6 Not under consideration

[wi 97955]User should presented with a list of available schemas on defining a custom Role

RAM working with category schemas. If you to a community and try to define a custom role that uses acategory schema setting to limit access, RAM tries to load all of thevalues for all existing category schemas into one large flat file toput into a...
over 10 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Asset Manager 3 Planned for future release

[wi 97957]Rational Asset Manager API to Delete Subcategories in Schemas

Currently there is no way that we can Delete Subcategories in Schemas using RAM API's. There must a way to achieve the same.
over 10 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Asset Manager 3 Planned for future release

Ability to generate Java classes from a WADL

WADL is a standard used to describe RESTful services.Typically, when interacting with a RESTful service, the client application needs to parse the emitted JSON or XML and reconstruct some Java objects to represent that data.The information require...
over 10 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Application Developer 3 Future consideration

Simplified User selection (CCM_USER web type)

We have been using a Change customization for 10+ years, which basically displays an additional ("me") button next the existing icon for a CCM_USER control. On selection this control would automatically add the current user's id as attribute value...
over 10 years ago in Rational Other / Change 5 Not under consideration

"_MAP" variable not working for AD accounts.

mapped drive by _MAP trigger is not exposed to step command when non-LocalSystem starts bfagent service regardless user mode bfagent or service mode. However, "net use" by step command always works fine regardless user mode/serice mode, LocalSyste...
almost 11 years ago in Rational Other / Build Forge 3 Not under consideration

[wi 93505]RAM should advice that no record found instead of show nothing in Add Reviewer dialog box

When user try to add reviewers that are valid it finds and lists them but if the search name is incorrect then it just sits there and does not advise that the search found nothing matching the criteria. RAM should show warning messages that no rec...
almost 11 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Asset Manager 5 Future consideration

[wi 66075]Options to to help user to add asset artifact label

Client has asset restriction that some asset must have specific label to attached artifact. But adding label option is available in advanced upload only. There are two possible enhancements:1) To add information that to add artifact label user nee...
almost 11 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Asset Manager 5 Future consideration

RDM Linking should remember previous selections

RDM Linking requires many selections to be made:1. Link Type2. Project area3. Create/Select artifact4. Search kind5. Type of elementetc, depending on the type of search
almost 11 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Software Architect Designer 1 Future consideration