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PINNED Terminal emulator support on Docker image
Docker utility should support Functional Perspective test scripts. Slack Issue

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Starting a transaction should not close an open rowset.

See the PMR for details. This restriction: - When a local transaction scope ends, either at the method level or the activity session level, all statements and result sets for shareableconnections are closed. Which is from:
over 9 years ago in WebSphere traditional 2 Not under consideration

Provide a better way to remove partially Indexed Assets

Sometimes deleted assets still show up in searches or are part of partially indexed assets. The only remedy as of RAM 7.5.2 is to rebuild the indexes. However for enterprise clients with a large number of assets rebuilding indexes can take several...
over 9 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Asset Manager 2 Future consideration

Remediate the limitation on Snapshot Set buttons in the UI

In a Build Forge deployment of over 1000 projects, the snapshot set icon does not appear reliably on each project that contains snapshots. This is due to an array variable used with the size of 1000 to collect the list of projects to be parse and ...
almost 10 years ago in Rational Other / Build Forge / Change 3 Not under consideration

Advanced search allows to specify the number of artifacts in asset results

Currently, the RAM 7.5.x advanced search does not allow much flexibility with regards to filtering for asset artifact specs. It would be nice to filter/specify to only return assets with a certain number of artifacts i.e. all assets that have 2 ar...
almost 10 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Asset Manager 2 Future consideration

Add pop-up window to "Relate asset" dialogue

In "Create relationship" dialogue it would be nice to have the pop-up, with a short asset description and Summary, that you get when hovering over an asset link.It would be easier to identify which asset to relate to. See also jazz community site,...
almost 10 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Asset Manager 3 Future consideration

Export lifecycles and policies

When configurating lifecycles and policies, is it hard to get an overview of all states and corresponding policies. I would like to be able to export the states and policies to get a better overview and for problem investigation. See also Jazz Com...
almost 10 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Asset Manager 2 Future consideration

Display in Design Explorer (RSADM) the name of the user that holds the lock on the artifact

While working in RSADM (Eclipse client) in Actively Managed mode with Design manager, I want to see the name of the user that holds a lock on one or more artifacts.
almost 10 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Software Architect Designer 1 Future consideration

Change needs to be supported on RH 7.0

My company is upgrading to Red Hat 7.0. We need Change support on this OS and well as Synergy.
almost 10 years ago in Rational Other / Change 7 Not under consideration

TRS event log doesn't have FP attribute change info.

1. The current TRS change log event doesn't show what attributes of an element have been changed. In order to identify them among a large amount of elements in FocalPoint (FP), a complex filtering scheme need be implemented. This also results in l...
almost 10 years ago in Rational Other / Change 4 Not under consideration

Add Ant task for importing Policy Sets

In order to attach application-specific bindings for JAX-WS services, it is required to first import policy sets into the workbench (using Import -> WebSphere Policy Sets).
about 10 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Application Developer 3 Planned for future release