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PINNED Terminal emulator support on Docker image
Docker utility should support Functional Perspective test scripts. Slack Issue

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Integration with Hashicorp Vault

I am working with a client that wants to be able to retrieve secret information from Hashicorp Vault while running UrbanCode Deploy processes. Their corporate standard is to store passwords and secrets in Hashicorp Vault. These passwords and secre...
over 6 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 4 Delivered

Type of hash verification is used in Artifactory Source Configuration Plugin version 27

SHA 1 is been used as hash verification in Artifactory Source Configuration Plugin version 27.Currently SHA 1 is outdated, so please consider using SHA-256 instead.
over 5 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 2 Delivered

Upgrade log4j to latest version

My Company have to be SOX COMPLIANCE, and for auditing objectives we run multiple tools to check if we are compliant. These tools objectives are to verify weakness on our enterprise softwares. Tools like: - Tenable - Checkmarx - Acunetix Both ...
about 2 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 1 Delivered

Cut, Copy and Paste Functionality when editing Transformation Configuration

ISSUE: When editing a Transformation Configuration, it is noticed that it is not possible to right-click a field to cut and paste, no options are listed to do so. However, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V, and Ctrl+C still work. STEPS TO RECREATE:Import a sample "H...

UCD Silent Agent Installation Documentation

System: UrbanCode Deploy v7.0.3.3 ifix02Actor: UCD Agent Silent Installation Our team needs documentation around the silent agent installation on what properties are needed. There is no documentation and we would not like to guess through trial an...
over 4 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 4 Delivered

Set Liberty Working Directory

Expose a setting to set the Working Directory for a Liberty JVM. Right now it gets set to ${WLP_OUTPUT_DIR}/${SERVER_NAME}. In my environment I would like to set it to ${WLP_OUTPUT_DIR}/${SERVER_NAME}/logs so that heap dumps and log4 logs are with...
over 7 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 1 Delivered

Certify Oracle Exadata for ClearQuest

ClearQuest does allow RAC configurations, but Exadata integration would be a great benefit. In our company of 6,000 employee's ClearQuest is the only Oracle database consumer that is not Exadata compliant.
about 2 years ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearQuest 2 Delivered

UDeploy Oracle Plugin RFE

Below is the User requirement for Oracle Plugin Issue 1:We are unable to see the script name in the uDeploy logs, so we don't know which script is being deployed. This provision was there in TPAM deployment plugin, but missing in Cyberark plugin.S...
over 3 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 2 Delivered

API to return deployment results based on date deployment processes execute

We are looking to push deployment details into our observability platform. We noticed a difference in the deployment counts between the UrbanCode Deploy UI deployment report and the REST API call /cli/applicationProcessRequest?startedAfter... I op...
about 1 year ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 2 Delivered

Would like auto mount of VOBs for AIX (as already available on Linux)

The following technote is describing the possibility to have automount of VOBs, on Linux : We would like to have the same kind of functionnality for AIX
about 1 year ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 1 Delivered