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WebSphere Automation

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Export to PDF format (all assets, single server information)

At present, information can be exported as a CSV (comma separated values) format. Exporting the same data in PDF form would also be useful.
about 2 months ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Submitted

Add Recommended Fixes

Using the current version info, unresolved CVEs info and applied fixes, you should be able to provide the recommended ifixes or fixpacks that would resolve the CVE and provide the link to the fix.
about 2 months ago in WebSphere Automation 1 Submitted

Support Open Liberty with WebSphere Automation

Open Liberty currently lacks the Usage Metering feature, and is therefore not able to managed by WebSphere Automation. Open Liberty is as part of our strategy for migration, so supporting Open Liberty alongside WebSphere Liberty and traditional WA...
2 months ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Planned for future release

Show the Liberty features in the server details UI

Since Liberty features are used to determine security vulnerability, the server details UI should show the feature configuration. Any details that are used to determine the security posture of the server should be displayed on the server details p...
4 months ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Under review

Configuration drift detection

Detect when configuration drift has occurred between different environments (pre-prod and prod) or servers within environments.
4 months ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Submitted

Include configuration assessment in WAS security posture

Considering including a configuration assessment as part of determining the security posture of servers. An example would be to look for older SSL configuration and flag those as insecure. In general, look for configuration that is outside of best...
8 months ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Submitted

Custom filtering or grouping of systems

Provide custom filtering of systems so they can be grouped as business needs or organizational needs dictate.(
8 months ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Submitted

Define custom views tailored to different audiences

We would like to configure the live view to tailor it to different audiences, likely mapped to the Role that the user is in. E.g. An "executive roll-up" view with R/Y/G and a "security specialist" role that has deeper data on the vulnerabiltiies (...
8 months ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Submitted

Display what APARs / fix pack remediate a CVE

Display, within the UI, what remediates the CVE (e.g. which APARs and which fix packs resolve the vulnerability). I should be able to get the iFix/Fixpack info from within the GUI without having to click anything or leave the UI (no requirement to...
8 months ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Planned for future release

WebSphere Automation to download and make available iFixes and Fix Packs which resolve identified Vulnerabilities

WebSphere Automation should automatically download fixes to CVEs once they are detected. The fixes should be stored in my existing repository (such as NFS mount, FTP server or Artifactory repository).
8 months ago in WebSphere Automation 1 Planned for future release