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Status Future consideration
Workspace UrbanCode
Categories Deploy
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 7, 2021

Access to ApplicationProcessRequest properties without a full deployment trace

In order to generate custom deployment reports to our release management team, we are required to list up all the deployments, including a wide range of additional data (may or may not come from UCD).

As part of the deployments, there are certain properties that are set when launching a deployment through the API. These properties are ApplicationProcessRequest properties that act as metadata in this case.

As part of generating this file, we request all the deployments that happened through However, this endpoint does not return these properties.

Therefore, we need to make an additional call to to retrieve this information. The problem here is that this payload is very large (it contains the full deployment as a rootTrace). In case we need to generate a report for 2 months with 1000's of deployments, this process become very slow, consumes a lot of time for information that we don't need.

Idea priority High
  • Admin
    Osman Burucu
    Jan 5, 2023

    Thank you, need to check with development team

  • Guest
    Dec 13, 2022

    Let me try to re-explain. In our case, it's possible that other tools rely on UrbanCode Deploy to do deployments. In order to be able to do general reporting, we add certain properties as metadata as part of the deploy to the Application Process properties.

    During the reconciliation phase, we generate a report based on all the deployments that have been done as part of UCD. To get a list of all deployments for a particular timeframe, we rely on:

    The above request returns a lot of information, including the root trace of the deployment. This is a very huge object (100 records result in a response of 18MB). Yet, it doesn't return the properties of the deployments, which we require to pull out the metadata. So, maybe it makes sense to make the exposing of this root trace optional, to lower the size of the response + stress it puts on the database.

    So, in order to fetch these application process deployment properties, we make a call to to retrieve this information. This works fine. An improvement here would be if it would be possible to specify one or more properties which we're looking for. If we only need the value of 1-5 properties, it's a bit wasteful to get all properties.

    Keep in mind that if we generate the report for a complete month (with 1000's or 10000's or 100000's of deployments), that's a lot of traffic for no benefit.

    So, we see two improvements from a performance perspective:

    • Make the exposure of the root-trace object optional. If you only want to get an overview of the deployments, this is way too much information

    • Give the flexibility to get the value of an individual property or multiple, but not all

    • Bonus: the first api has the option 'startedAfter'. It would be good to include a 'startedBefore' so that you can query for a timeframe (start-end). Now, the consumer of the api needs to foresee custom logic to stop requesting the next x amount of records when the 'startedBefore' values has been exceeded.

  • Admin
    Osman Burucu
    Dec 9, 2021

    Could you please give a more detailed description of what you try to achieve?

    Do you want to have the provided arguments for resoure-run-application-process also shown in the ar-getinformation-about-all-application-process-requests-server?