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Status Planned for future release
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 31, 2007

Ability to use path map variable or classpath of the project with the Java visualization.

UML models (*.emx-files) and class diagrams (*.dnx-files) should be independent from the project in which they were created.
Using Path map variable or the classpath of the current project to resolve Java types could help to achieve this.

Use Case
1. Different project names for the same project in different versions One project can exist with different names in an Eclipse workspace, because there are different versions of the project. - Project_A_version_1 - Project_A_version_2 - ... - Project_A_version_x 2. Models are stored in a shared directory in order to be available for all projects Projects save their models in a directory, that is visible for every other project. They make their Java classes available for other projects by jar files. If a member of project B wants to inform himself about project A by looking at models of project A, the Java classes of project A are not displayed correctly, if project A is not opened in his workspace. If the RSD would search for the Java classes in the classpath of project B, the RSD would find the classes, since the classes exist in the project_A.jar in project B. 3. Projects export their *.dnx class diagrams and their Java classes in jar files and make them available for other projects Unfortunately the result is the same as above. A developer of project B with project_A.jar opens the class diagram in the project_A.jar and the Java classes are not displayed correctly. This is even less understandable, since the Java classes are located in the same jar as the class diagram. Unfortunately the RSD looks for the Java classes, that are referenced in the class diagram, with the project name and finds them only if incidentally project B is opened in the same workspace as project A. These three examples show that searching for Java classes in models via the project name, in which the model was created, doesn´t take us further. The problems described above could be avoided, if the Java classes, referenced in a model, were not only searched in the project, where they were created, but as well in the class path of the current project.
RFE ID 3037
RFE Product Rational Software Architect
Idea Priority High
  • Guest
    Sep 24, 2015

    Due to processing by IBM, this request was reassigned to have the following updated attributes:
    Brand - WebSphere
    Product family - Application Platform
    Product - Software Architect

    For recording keeping, the previous attributes were:
    Brand - Rational
    Product family - Design & development
    Product - Software Architect

  • Guest
    Aug 17, 2009

    Thank you for submitting this RFE.
    It is planned for a Future Release of IBM Rational Software Architect for Websphere / IBM Rational Software Architect Standard Edition.