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Status Future consideration
Categories ClearCase
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 4, 2016

Release the VOB Repair tools with ClearCase product

This RFE is requesting that the many VOB repair tools released by support be versioned and released with the product in a similar manner to how checkvob is released.
HCL support has agreed that is supported to run these repair tools before contacting support if the symptoms addressed by one of these has taken a VOB down.
It's important these tools run to correct SEV-1 situations. Known stable versions need to be available to the clients to run.
In the PMR referenced by this RFE, a SEV-1 was opened for 4.5 hours before the right combination of the repair tools was discovered by the client.

These repair tools do change and it's difficult to know if the current versions are installed. If released and installed with the product then a Cleartool lsversion would tell the client and support which versions of the utilities are installed.

There are at this time at least 8 VOB repair distributed by ClearCase Support.


Usage is generally like:
cd to the vob storaged .vbs -all -fix
Generally these LOCK the VOB during the run

There has been an unknown tendency for the clients to miss the "-fix -all" options during the execution of the tools.

There is confusion on what the signatures for these repair tools are. Some known are:
Error at "/vobs/atria/lib/db/db__dump.c" line 4177
can be resolved by the script:
Perl -all -fix

Error at "/vobs/atria/lib/db/db__dump.c" line 4055
can be resolved by the script
Perl -all -fix

Not all signatures are as easy to detect. Usually the repair tool itself detects the signature. The question of knowing "What the signature is", becomes "Run the utility and it will look for the signature"

Errors from ClearCase release to release can change, for example:
error at "/vobs/atria/lib/db/db__dump.c" line 4177
May change to different line numbers for a new release. Which can confuse manual searching for past patterns. Other signatures may already include different line numbers.

AT times a VOB corruption may have happened years ago and sits benignly through most CC operations until a time a reformatvob, or mkreplica is needed.

For all Sev-1 and other VOB corruption situations the PMR startup time is many back and forth of the client collecting data for support. Gathering the data can be a wastes a lot of time. This data is often not used to resolved the PMR as one of the mentioned tools resolve it.

Idea priority High
RFE ID 96842
RFE Product Rational ClearCase
  • Guest
    Mar 27, 2018

    All utilities
    everything that is ever sent out by support needs to work on the supported OS

  • Guest
    Jan 25, 2018

    Although the theme of this request is consistent with our business strategy, it is not committed to the release that is currently under development.

  • Guest
    Jan 18, 2018

    Additional tool to add
    For many PMRs the client is ask to run this tool to gather stream_data and send it in.
    This script could use an improvement to to name the output to match the stream it collects data for.
    It too could use versioning to know the latest version is being run, and could would be helpful to have it installed with the product.

    Right now it generically names all output the same. It has happened a few times that the wrong stream_data.tar.gz is sent in. Suggested is the script names the output _data.tar.gz

    Further automation to FPT this to IBM/HCL support would be helpful.
    And if it's automatically ftp'd then prepend the call ID (PMR ID currently)