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PINNED Terminal emulator support on Docker image
Docker utility should support Functional Perspective test scripts. Slack Issue

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Add exchange Requirement Traceability matrix (using ReqIf)

We need to export as a requif file : tracabillity matrix : Tests cases names, tests results, date, operator .... and requirements linker to the test case.
20 days ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / RealTime 2 Future consideration

Add a Coverage justification in Devopps Test Embedded

Users need an additional option to add justification for unreachable code. The justification shall not be based on code modification but on external data secured by file checksums.
20 days ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / RealTime 1 Future consideration

AES256 product enhancement for twas on password encoding

twas 8.5.5 and twas 9 doesnt have support for AES-256 encryption of passwords. Presently supports only AES-128 encryption. Need help to enhance this password encryption/encoding of AES to 256 bits/keylength.
23 days ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Future consideration

for relations of type aggregation, consider adding references

for A ref B we can get composite --- A: { B b; } or shared --- A: { B *b; } but not so please add something like 'reference' that gets us ---- A: { B & b }
about 1 month ago in DevOps Model & Code / Model RealTime 0 Future consideration

CVE and Patch information

I would like to suggest an improvement regarding the display of CVE and patch information across different screens. Currently, the CVE tab shows only the CVE number. When you click on a CVE, you see the servers that need the patch, and then procee...
about 1 month ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Future consideration

We would like to have an SMF-record written for every MDB-request executed in a Liberty server

In traditional WAS we make use of the 120.9 record to analyze our different kind of WAS-load, regarding problem determination, cpu consumption, performance and transaction volumes.We want to do the same in Liberty, but are there delimited by just ...
about 1 month ago in WebSphere Liberty 0 Future consideration

Need IBM websphere liberty core images ready to use, to deploy on openshift.

We want to have websphere liberty core UBI images At this time only kernel or full edition are available: ibmcom/websphere-liberty - Docker Image | Docker Hub kernel-java8-openj9-ubi kernel-java8-ibmjava-ubi kernel-java11-openj9-ubi kernel-java17-...
about 1 month ago in WebSphere Liberty 1 Future consideration

Add the ability to set a personalized "kid" value in jwtBuilder configuration.

Currently, the jwtBuilder does not provide a method to override the "kid" in the token creation header request. Liberty automatically generates the "kid" value based on the jwtEnabled value, either by creating a random string of 20 characters or b...
about 1 month ago in WebSphere Liberty 0 Future consideration

Is Devops Test Real Time TUV certified? Can you please create new qualification kit with respect to TUV certification

As discussed with Support team Devops Test Real Time is not TUV certified. Can you please create new qualification kit with respect to TUV certification
about 1 month ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / RealTime 1 Future consideration

Add support for tolerations in Liberty Operator

Environment: Websphere Liberty on Openshift We need our Liberty pods to run on dedicated nodes in our clusters and crucially keep all other pods away from these nodes. (The Liberty pods are just a small part of our total number of pods in the clus...
about 2 months ago in WebSphere Liberty 0 Future consideration