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Need a valid message ID for CWSJY0003W in Websphere for z/OS

Hello, Whenever a disconnect happens between WAS and MQ the below message appears in WAS log: [:] CWSJY0003W We wanted to setup an alert to capture CWSJY0003W message in automations but unfortunately [:] does not look like a valid message ID that ...
over 5 years ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Not under consideration

cryptic exception when session max count exceeded

when WAS ND (v8.5.5.10) has a session setting to limit max HTTP sessions per JVM and that limit is crossed a cryptic exception is being thrown. it took 8 hours for IBM team to understand the real cause.
over 5 years ago in WebSphere traditional 0 Future consideration

WebSphere should offer StartTLS support when connecting to LDAP server for authentication

When configuring WebSphere for LDAP authentication, if you select "use SSL", this forces WebSphere to establish an LDAPS connection with the LDAP server (port 636 by default). This is an outdated mechanism. LDAP v3 defines the StartTLS extension, ...
over 5 years ago in WebSphere traditional 0 Future consideration

Add feature to make WAS present SSL ciphers in order of strength

As the title says, Add a feature to WAS to present in order of strength the SSL ciphers configured to the clients connecting to WAS, regardless of what the client wants to enforce, as IHS (apache) does via the setting "SSLHonorCipherOrder on" or a...
over 5 years ago in WebSphere traditional 0 Future consideration

PMI hung thread reporting

We would like to use a health policy that reacts to a condition of n hung threads. It's possible to create a custom policy, however its behaviour is obscure. This is due to the way hung threads are reported internally in WAS. PMI stats are used to...
almost 6 years ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Not under consideration

allow daisy-chain of two IHS servers with the WAS Plug-in

Currently there is no straightforward way to have IHS A in the DMZ route to IHS B (a normal IHS that routes to WAS) in the middle/interior network. It should be a straightforward use of the existing function in the WAS Plug-in, but some way to gen...
about 6 years ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Not under consideration

Need IBM HTTP Sever (IHS) to support OCSP Stapling

We want IHS (IBM HTTP Server to support OCSP Stapling Hello Kris, I'm Danielle Bingham from WebSphere L2 Support and I will be assisting you with the below :-) ACTION PLAN: Issue: Does IHS support OCSP Stapling? IHS does not support OCSP Stapling ...
over 6 years ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Not under consideration

Session rebalancing and affinity switchback default value are mismatch in dynamic cluster

WAS default dynamic cluster settings are following. #1. HttpSessionRebalanceOff=false (*1) : this indicates that session rebalancing is ON. #2. NoAffinitySwitchBack=false (*2) : this indicates that affinity switchback is ON. In other words, when o...
over 6 years ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Not under consideration

z/OS IHS Apache - document error log messages

Most IBM components and products come with messages manuals that provide thorough documentation of messages issued by the product. I haven't found any such doc for the z/OS IHS based on Apache. Doc should provide message text and level, explanatio...
over 6 years ago in WebSphere traditional 3 Not under consideration


I want to implement the PKCS11Impl provider (PKCS11) in the WAS 8.5.5.instaed of IBMJCECCA provider cause I think that PKCS11 is more secure than other and more i use the crypto express 5s ,ICSF and TKE.i opened a PMR and after a few weeks i get t...
over 6 years ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Functionality already exists