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WebSphere traditional

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Need IBM HTTP Sever (IHS) to support OCSP Stapling

We want IHS (IBM HTTP Server to support OCSP Stapling Hello Kris, I'm Danielle Bingham from WebSphere L2 Support and I will be assisting you with the below :-) ACTION PLAN: Issue: Does IHS support OCSP Stapling? IHS does not support OCSP Stapling ...
about 6 years ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Not under consideration

Enable Account Lockout after 3 failed logins

Passwords are prune to Bruteforce attacks, an attacker can easily brute force the passwords as the password policy is weak andallows simple alpha numeric characters without any restriction of password length e.g.: admin, passetc.Account lockout me...
about 4 years ago in WebSphere traditional 2 Future consideration

z/OS IHS Apache - document error log messages

Most IBM components and products come with messages manuals that provide thorough documentation of messages issued by the product. I haven't found any such doc for the z/OS IHS based on Apache. Doc should provide message text and level, explanatio...
over 6 years ago in WebSphere traditional 3 Not under consideration

Default automatic collection of PMI counters

This requirement is for identifying root cause correctly and proactively for complex WebSphere issues. We need automatic collection of performance measurements indicator data 24x7. This is similar to how we have sar report for Linux. We do not wan...
about 4 years ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Not under consideration

Log aggregation of repeated application runtime exceptions

This request is for improvement in WebSphere logging and tracing. Log aggregation of repeated application run time exceptions so that logs are not filled and rolled over. This is similar to FFDC logs where repeated exception stacks are not printed...
about 4 years ago in WebSphere traditional 3 Not under consideration

Option to configure inclue list in TCP transport channel settings using a propery file

Currently include list in JVM TCP transport channel settings are only configured through manual entries and we need the provision to load a list of IPs using a input file similar to IBM HTTP Servers Include option adding multiple "allow" Directive...
about 4 years ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Not under consideration

Add the ability to add login_hint parameter to the OIDC TAI, that will allow a hint to be passed to the Identity Provider

System: WebSphere Application ServerActor: User needing new featured We are using the WAS OIDC TAI to connect with Azure AD as the identity provider. We are being asked to send some information to Azure in the authentication request, using a login...
over 2 years ago in WebSphere traditional 0 Future consideration

Perform host name verification for SSL channels

On WAS 7 server deployed JavaEE application which acting as web service client (JAX-WS) and communicating with web service over HTTPS (SSL channel). When web service client made connection to target server, the common name (CN) from the server cer...
over 7 years ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Future consideration

Add functionality to pass parameters from Information Analyzer to TEZ process

We would like to request changes in the IAjobs process to allow the passing of memory parameters from IA > TEZ. We are currently experiencing OOM/GC errors in TEZ where the TEZ process gets killed and the IA job aborts. Our hadoop engineering t...
over 2 years ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Not under consideration

"False Positive" / "False Negative" for the applications “DefaultApplication” and “ITIM”

As described in the support case, there is very disturbing that the applications are reported as "Partial running". In addition, when core cause reported as a component with "unknown" status. The displayed status must be corrected, to show the act...
over 2 years ago in WebSphere traditional 1 Not under consideration