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Rational Analysis, Design & Construction

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Have output from xcompare 'Save list of changes' available through command line.

While testing the 'compare' feature of cmcmdline.jar, we have seen 2 issues.* Output is very minimalistic (only a count)* compare needs ancestor (xcompare does not) It would be great if we could just provide -left and -right and get output like: x...

RSA-RTE: Modeling associations: Multiplicity of composite association returns pointer by default

Model an association in the form of a pointer in a class diagram. Since this is a pointer, it makes sense to set the default value to 0. When modeling a "Composition Association" in a class diagram, the multiplicity of the target defaults to "0..1...

RSA-RTE/Modeling associations: Default value cannot be set from properties view

Model an association in the form of a pointer in a class diagram. Since this is a pointer, it makes sense to set the default value to 0. Setting the default value cannot be done from the properties view of the association. It can only be done from...

RSA-RTE: State machine of derived capsule damaged when adding abstraction

This RFE is related to the mentioned PMR. The PMR will result in a warning that helps avoiding damaging the state machine. The RFE is entered to really fix this issue. --- I have 3 capsules:- A_AbstractCapsule- A_IntermediateCapsule (derived from ...

Tool forget selected TC after fixing code

Tool fogets selected TC after fixing codescenario:- select an active transformation in the project- select 'build active transformation' resulting in some compile errors- fix the compile errors (and sumbit back to project)- select 'build active tr...

Transition guard not moved to continuing transition

Seen with:9.1.2 CP1-2016.14 v20160405_1932 Situation:- Existing state (let's call it S1) with an outgoing transition (let's call it T1) that has a trigger plus a transition guard. Steps to reproduce:- Create a substate inside S1.- From that substa...

RSARTE: Do not use c-style case in RTS and generated code

Do not use C-style casting in the C++RTS and in the generated code.This results in issues with static code checking.In C++, the usage of static_cast and reinterpret_cast is preferredover C-style casts.

RSA-RTE: Titlebar filtering: Region level

In the Project Explorer the Region level is filtered which helps in finding your way. It would help if this level is filtered from the titlebar as well. Especially when navigating doing a Navigate > Open Superclass, the titlebar helps in keepin...

RSA-RTE: Location specific search does not evaluate imported elements

See PRM 13605 211 788,location specific search does not evaluate imported elements

RSART- State diagrams don't highlight overidden transitions in state diagrams

Within RSART 9.1.1, if an inherited transition is updated in a child capsule (e.g. by changing the transition's effect code snippet), the transition becomes an override of the one from the base capsule. The diagram, however, doesn't provide any vi...