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PINNED Terminal emulator support on Docker image
Docker utility should support Functional Perspective test scripts. Slack Issue

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RTWW - Add data to DataPool, while creating a data pool reference

Currently in RTWW product, when user is associating the test script data to newly created DP,a variable is created but the data is not copied to the datapool. Because of this after creating the DP, user need to manually enter the data by copying i...

RTWW - Test data generation for functional testing

IN Rational test manager, we had the feature of Test data generator that is helpful for generating test data for the users. Would be nice to have this feature sin RTW, where this can be used to generate data for all the RTW tools.http://sce.uhcl.e...
almost 7 years ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Functional Tester / Workbench 6 Delivered

Request To Add a Comment When Rename/Checkin of Cell (Cadence Integration)

1. Check out cell views in the cell, change property model name to thenew name2. Rename the cell, move the directory to new name3. Update instances name in the same library where this cell are used,therefore check out the upper level cells.4. Chec...
almost 7 years ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 1 Delivered

Error Management does not work

As a user I want to be able to control what to do when a error occurs at a given step of a given test script. For example I want to be able to stop the test execution if an error occurs.
almost 7 years ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Functional Tester 3 Delivered

Cadence/ClearCase integration: improvements for hierarchy manager

In the context of the Cadence/ClearCase integration we'd like to see some improvements of the "Manage Hierarchy" functionality: 1. Tree vs. Flat displaythe current implementation shows the entire hierarchy as a flat list; this makes it hard to dis...
about 7 years ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 2 Delivered


The Liberty Profile documentation for mailSession (and most features) do not specify which options are required. Please update the documentation so we don't have to spend so much time testing configurations with trial and error.
about 7 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 2 Delivered

Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) needed for Liberty

The customer will not adopt Liberty without a Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) in place for Liberty ND.
over 7 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 1 Delivered

Run sqlplus script with parameters

System: IBM UrbanCode DeployActor: User needing new feature to run sqlplus scripts with parameters (one parameter at least) IBM UrbanCode Deploy is used to manage enterprise deploys. Description: Our customer uses IBM UrbanCode Deploy to manage de...
over 7 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 3 Delivered

Add CommonJ WorkManager support for Liberty profile

Websphere full profile supports CommonJ WorkManager for executing tasks asynchronously. The same feature is not available with Liberty profile. All applications on Websphere which uses WorkManager cannot be readily migrated to Liberty profile with...
about 8 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 2 Delivered

Handling unexpected popup feature needs to be implemented

Today, RTW Web UI does not support a JavaScript Alert popup. But, we can add Navigation Action and then select Alert in the Object Type.But there is nothing to handle unexpected PopUp for playback.Imagine: A user has unexpected Windows on his appl...
about 9 years ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Functional Tester 6 Delivered