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WebSphere Automation

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Provide the function to schedule patch installation jobs

This is part 3 of an existing IDEA and is built on top of WASINTOPS-I-109. The customer would like to use the GUI of WSA to select one or more servers, display the list of unresolved vulnerabilities, cho...
about 2 months ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Future consideration

To enhance WebSphere Automation (WSA) to install and rollback multiple iFixes for a list of WebSphere Application Servers

This IDEA is part 2 of . it builds on top of IDEA WASINTOPS-I-109 and extend to multiple servers. The current design of the product focuses on detecting unresolved security vulnerabilities that affect tr...
about 2 months ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Future consideration

Support WSA deployed to Power (ppc64)

WebSphere Automation supports deployment to OpenShift on Intel / AMD (x64) and IBM Z Linux (s390x) platforms. This RFE is a request to support IBM Power (ppc64) platforms.
10 months ago in WebSphere Automation 1 Not under consideration

Integrate with ServiceNow

ServiceNow is how we track change tickets. It would be nice if WebSphere Automation integrated with ServiceNow so that the installations driven by WebSphere Automation could be started from ServiceNow flows.
about 1 year ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Planned for future release

Assign a different CVSS score to CVEs based on org assessment

Our organization may wish to change the default CVSS score for a given CVE, based on our own assessment. We gather and store this information in variety of ways, but we do have internal APIs which could be used to collect the CVSS score to be assi...
about 2 years ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Future consideration

Add Recommended Fixes

Using the current version info, unresolved CVEs info and applied fixes, you should be able to provide the recommended ifixes or fixpacks that would resolve the CVE and provide the link to the fix.
about 2 years ago in WebSphere Automation 1 Future consideration

Include configuration assessment in WAS security posture

Considering including a configuration assessment as part of determining the security posture of servers. An example would be to look for older SSL configuration and flag those as insecure. In general, look for configuration that is outside of best...
over 2 years ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Future consideration

Configure H/M/L ranges based on CVSS score

At present, WebSphere Automation provides a hard-coded rating of H/M/L based on the CSVV score. This might not accurately map to an organization's classification based on CSVV score. Provide the ability to configure this rating based on the organi...
over 2 years ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Future consideration

Include embedded products: BAW and ODM

I like the automation feature but it is incomplete without the embedded products. For eg, I cannot use its features on WebSphere that is underneath the BAW or ODM products. So far, I have discovered that even WAS that is installed as part of the p...
7 days ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Submitted

IDEA En-mass Group Execution of a CVE ifix – Priority 2

We concur’s with the recommendation on the IDEA to potentially do a singular remediation against many target servers; that is to do an enmass group execution of a CVE ifix.
about 1 month ago in WebSphere Automation 0 Future consideration