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PINNED Terminal emulator support on Docker image
Docker utility should support Functional Perspective test scripts. Slack Issue

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Only update the variables if the view is also set to Variables

Recently, an enhancement request to view snapshots of variable values when an application is running was implemented in IBM Rational Software Architect RealTime Edition (RSARTE). However, if you click with the right mouse button on a capsule, the...
over 2 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Software Architect Real Time Edition 0 Future consideration

Allow Liberty to bind to unix file sockets

Dear community, we do have many applications on a vast number of network interfaces (if/eth) per unix host. In case we need fail-over, we assign multiple ports per application (e.g. 8000, 8001 for application 'a' and 8002 for application 'b'). Th...
over 2 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 1 Not under consideration

File Utils Plugin to support zip size checks

Currently the File Utils Plugin does no checks on the size of zip files to be extracted on the target host. This request is for the File Utils plugin to check a zip files size and the remaining space on the target device to prevent impact to targe...
over 2 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 1 Not under consideration

Make Synergy authentication case insensitive. (Or make it a configurable option.)

Making Synergy authentication insensitive will allow users that have their Active Directory accounts created automatically with an upper case letter, but the Linux accounts created with a lower case letter to verify as the same user. Currently NG'...
over 2 years ago in Rational Other / Synergy 1 Not under consideration

API to change the date and/or time of a scheduled process

If there are external dependencies, the exact time a process is needed may not be known, but it is still required to be pre-scheduled. There may be many such processes in a release, so re-scheduling all of them is time consuming.
over 2 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 2 Not under consideration

Plugin for Cherwell

Would like plugin for Cherwell. Have customers using Cherwell and a plugin for integration with UrbanCode would be beneficial to acquire new customer and adoption of UrbanCode for those currently using Cherwell.
almost 3 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 1 Not under consideration

Change GIT source plugin to extract source from Git using 'Tags' and 'Releases' in addition to 'Branch'

Allow builds to use the source associated with either a GIT 'Tag' or 'Release' as well as 'Branch'.
almost 3 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 1 Functionality already exists

RAD and DevOps: ANt Tasks to export partial EAR/WAR/EBA etc.

With RAD or the Build Utility we can export a full EAR/WAR/EBA etc.If we use the RAD Ant tasks as the way to create the artifacts to use in a DevOps scenario with IBM UrbanCode Deploy, it would be useful to be able to build a jar file that contain...
almost 11 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Application Developer 2 Future consideration

Merge Page Designer and Rich Page Editor into Page Editor

I use Rational Application Developer v9 with the Page Designer and the Rich Page Editor and I especially use the "Code an Action"/Quick Edit button to get a quick snippet of my code. I find it tiring to have to switch between the Page Editor and t...
almost 11 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Application Developer 2 Future consideration

Access WAS Application OSGi Console from RAD

RAD should help developers to test their applications on WebSphere Application Server. For that, it is possible to create profiles without using the PMT directly from the command line (e.g.).So for OSGi application developers, it should be possibl...
about 12 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Application Developer 2 Future consideration