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WebSphere Liberty

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z/OS Connect doesn't support SNI because it uses the Liberty jaxrsClient-2.0 feature and that doesn't provide SNI support in the API requestor scenario because the Java httpURLConnection method is not being used. So please make that available.

It's very useful because when SNI support comes available in z/OS Connect API requestor it can be used for for going to the same API endpoint but specifying 3 different API endpoints in z/OS Connect coming from 3 different stages (Dev, TEST and Ac...
over 1 year ago in WebSphere Liberty 0 Future consideration

Add a parameter to BBOC START_SRVR commands to define the BBO$ user id for CICS WOLA Link Server Task

We are using BBOC START_SRVR commands to start the WOLA Link Server Tasks (BBO$) in our CICS regions. Currently, there is no parameter to define the user id, under which BBO$ is running. So, if we start the Link Server Task during the CICS startup...
almost 3 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 0 Future consideration

Provide ability to create SOAP request with different namespace

Migrating from Websphere to Liberty. Liberty version we are using is (WebSphere Application Server on IBM J9 VM, version - pxa6480sr6fp20-20201120_02(SR6 FP20) (en_US) Application code that makes ...
over 1 year ago in WebSphere Liberty 1 Is a defect

Add and support AMR claim in JWT

Add and support AMR claim in JWT. WebSphere core security should support "Authentication Methods References", so it can enforce step-up authentication, and know how user is authenticated. The potential value could be pwd, rsa, 2fa, mfa.
almost 5 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 0 Future consideration

Allow customizations on the Admin Center pages

For Liberty allowing the addition of some text on the screens would allow to differentiate the Admin Centers so makes are not made. This would be similar to tWAS changing the console identity.
almost 5 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 1 Not under consideration

Custom SSL Trust Manager in Liberty

Provide support for a custom Trust Manager in Liberty that allows for certificate validation against client certificate SAN entries
over 3 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 0 Future consideration

Optionally create ECDSA Certificates

Liberty supports ECC ciphers, however, ECC ciphers require an ECDSA key. Is it possible to configure Liberty to create both RSA and ECDSA keys when creating a server or when joining a collective?
over 3 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 0 Future consideration

S282 Abend when calling Liberty isAuthorized method

when calling the isAuthorized API to check the profile like below,you will see the abendProfile:AAAAA.BBBBBBB.11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111Cla...
over 3 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 0 Future consideration

Rest service doesn't give back information on CHARSET

When I consume a REST service I don't receive any information in HTTP header about CHARSET . Due to this the instruments that I use ( HTTP call from RPGILE, SQL, SOAP call , etc.) are not able to understand which set of character use, so particula...
over 5 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 4 Future consideration

Allow more control for CORS configuration: Allow pattern matching with wildcards when configuring CORS tag in server.xml

System: WebSphere Liberty ProfileActor: Integration from different domains when using front-end Libs such as Angular and micro service back-ends WebSphere Liberty is commonly used in cloud worlds serving micro services and integration REST APIs.In...
about 7 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 0 Future consideration