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PINNED Terminal emulator support on Docker image
Docker utility should support Functional Perspective test scripts. Slack Issue

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Option to pass parameters to BELLS feature

The use of bells-1.0 makes it easy to develop and deploy a liberty extension, but often it is very wanted to be able to configure the module. Currently the only way is to share environment variables, but the normal Liberty way is to put properties...
over 3 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 1 Delivered

IDEA Fixpack Augmentation – Priority 1 The recommendation is to augment the remediation artifact to include the entire history of the available fixpacks that are applicable to a vulnerability which is not done today. The current view on the glass reflects IBM’s design decision taken from a security standpoint, that WSA will promote the latest fixpack as a best practice and will most likely remain as the default choice. Kaiser can work with the API approach to install fixpacks that are not at the latest level via API customization but it would be nice to have it in the UI visibility.

As an example of why this approach would be useful, consider Kaiser’s current approach offers developers the choice of n-1, n-2, and current fixpack version. A view on the glass that will show if eight of ten CVE’s are fixed in one fixpack, that K...
10 months ago in WebSphere Automation 1 Delivered

logstashCollector feature should collect the remote user of HTTP request for access log

Per talking with WAS development team, the current logstashCollector feature only collects the following fields, which doesn't include the remote user. this.uriPath = uriPath; this.requestMethod = requestMethod; this.queryString = queryString; thi...
over 7 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 2 Delivered

Enable Websphere ldap user registry to support ldap binding authentication by Kerberos

Currently, the ldap user registry used in the federated repository need a password-based authentication for the ldap binding account. To achieve a passwordless scenario through Kerberos and credential cache, it would be a more secure offering if l...
over 4 years ago in WebSphere traditional 2 Delivered

Automation for Code to model synchronization should accept absolute TC path

There is very usefull feature called Code to model synchronization which allows modification of generated code and applying the change to model files. There is an option to automate synchronization using ANT task, more detalis here: https://rtist....

Liberty logging hideMessage= parameter should also stop messages being written to messageLogDD=MSGLOG

The current capability provided by Liberty logging hideMessage= allows a message being written to messages.log file to be suppressed and written to trace.log file instead. When zoslogging messageLogDD=MSGLOG is in use, any messages written to mess...
over 3 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 1 Delivered

Support for ODM Res Server Deployment using authorization Token for ODM plugin

Current IBM ODM UCD plugin uses Basic authentication mechanism (that is username and password) for the Res Server Deployment. Currently the Res server is being migrated to AWS instance and using OKTA for authentication. We would need enhancement t...
over 2 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 11 Delivered

Documentation and sample of field "Trusted Proxy List"

Trusted proxy list can be defined by using a regular expression pattern in the UrbanCode Deploy system settings. Need samples of patterns which are accepted. Also a detailed description of this field should be documented in the knowledgebase.
over 3 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 3 Delivered

Provide support for Kerberos Constrained Delegation (S4U2Proxy, S4U2Self) in WebSphere Full Profile

With JDK 8 the S4U2Proxy and S4U2Self mechanisms are implemented in the GSSApi for delegated access with credentials of the client to backend servers with Kerberos. See:
about 8 years ago in WebSphere traditional 2 Delivered

UCD Components installation on Kubernetes platform

Current helm chart for UCD Components installation is only supported for Openshift Shift platform as imgagecontentsourcepolicy can be set only on Openshift. For Kubernetes platforms like TKG(Tanzu Kubernetes Grid) existing helm chart doesnt provid...
almost 3 years ago in UrbanCode / Deploy 2 Delivered