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My ideas: WebSphere Liberty

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Allow arbitrary HTTP response headers set in server.xml

It would be useful if the setting of some HTTP response headers like X-FRAME-OPTIONS or Strict-Transport-Security (HSTS) could be set via server.xml rather than being set in the application (e.g. servlet filter) for cases when no Proxy is in front...
over 8 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 1 Delivered

Liberty should generate a certificate which is valid

The default certificate generated by WAS Liberty is not valid, The browser complains because the SAN from Liberty does not match.
over 3 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 1 Delivered

make authCache distributed within a Collective or a predefined set of servers

After migrating from WAS ND Classic with use of TAI and Custom Subject/Custom Cache key to Liberty the use of Liberty collectives has shown that, even with SSO login with LTPA configured, a new login is forced when accessing a server not beeing th...
over 6 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 6 Delivered

Single Sign Off does not work

We have implemented ELM which is being accessed from another Portal. We have implemented Single Sign On through SAML, but Single Sign Out is not working still. We are expected Single Sign Out to work properly, so that once Customer Signs out from ...
over 2 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 1 Delivered

Option to pass parameters to BELLS feature

The use of bells-1.0 makes it easy to develop and deploy a liberty extension, but often it is very wanted to be able to configure the module. Currently the only way is to share environment variables, but the normal Liberty way is to put properties...
over 3 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 1 Delivered

logstashCollector feature should collect the remote user of HTTP request for access log

Per talking with WAS development team, the current logstashCollector feature only collects the following fields, which doesn't include the remote user. this.uriPath = uriPath; this.requestMethod = requestMethod; this.queryString = queryString; thi...
over 7 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 2 Delivered

Liberty logging hideMessage= parameter should also stop messages being written to messageLogDD=MSGLOG

The current capability provided by Liberty logging hideMessage= allows a message being written to messages.log file to be suppressed and written to trace.log file instead. When zoslogging messageLogDD=MSGLOG is in use, any messages written to mess...
over 3 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 1 Delivered

Allow for setting the cookie path for LtpaToken2 cookie (Security reasons)

We would like the `LtpaToken2` cookie path to be equal to the context root of the web module instead of `/`. For `httpSession` elements, there exists a `useContextRootAsCookiePath` attribute to accomplish this (
almost 3 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 5 Delivered

Set Liberty Working Directory

Expose a setting to set the Working Directory for a Liberty JVM. Right now it gets set to ${WLP_OUTPUT_DIR}/${SERVER_NAME}. In my environment I would like to set it to ${WLP_OUTPUT_DIR}/${SERVER_NAME}/logs so that heap dumps and log4 logs are with...
over 7 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 1 Delivered

Examine X-Forwarded-Proto header in Liberty to support SSL termination at router

Applications in Liberty that require a secure connection, which include the product apps RESTConnector and apiDiscovery, cannot be accessed in environments where SSL termination is performed at the router but private WebSphere headers can't be set...
almost 8 years ago in WebSphere Liberty 2 Delivered