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Rational Automated Software Quality

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RTVS - Java Virtualization - Enforcing Java stub to run on a specific port

No feasibility in RTVS / RIT to restrict the Java stub to run on specific port as we have it for http transports. This will have an adverse impact on opening some range of ports (High range ports) between the Source (Service consumer) and the RTVS...
10 months ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Virtualization Server 4 Planned for future release

Add support for SEI CERT-C, ISO TS 17961 and SAE 21434

We have more and more automotive customers requesting cybersecurity requirements and referring to standards like SEI CERT-C, ISO TS 17961 or even ISO SAE 21434.
3 months ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / RealTime 0 Planned for future release

Improve M3.1.2 to support URI reported in comments

The MISRA 2012 rule M3.1.2 (The character sequence // should not be used within a 'C-style' comment) is raised when a URL is used within comments.This should not occur since the purpose of the MISRA rule 3.1 is to avoid mistakes due to missing end...
8 months ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / RealTime 1 Planned for future release

Dataset APIs to get general dataset properties

I was recently doing to custom code to provide an example to a customer and noticed that methods did not exist for some general concepts like getRowCount() and getColCount(). Discussed briefly with RPT development team and it was suggested that I ...
4 months ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Performance Tester 0 Under review

Have an option to automatically delete browser hitory when doing a HTTP reording

Every time I do a http recording it's best practice to delete browing history, even cookies, in fact RPT tells us so, see first picture.Why not have a check box somewhere on this dialog in second picture
8 months ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Performance Tester 5 Future consideration

Allow user to execute native RFT scripts in WebUI specifying a Google Chrome Profile to use

An automated script should be executable against the same parameters an end-user would experience. If users requires specific add-on's/extensions in their Google Chrome Profile, RFT/WebUI should be able to launch with those options in the profile....
4 months ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Functional Tester 0 Under review

Cloakware integration for password read

Hello Team,This RFE is extension of Case # TS005681792 1. Client is using IBMRTWv10.1 2. In IBM RIT component normally user has to input Uid / Password physically to establish connection with MQ / Database.3. Client is expecting to read password f...
5 months ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Workbench 2 Future consideration

Not having access to perform action on print screen in Edge

RFT is not able to access any element from print popup in Edge.- Launch the edge browser- Click Print link from Setting or press ctrl + P
5 months ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Functional Tester 2 Under review

Additional error handling functionality for unattended test runs

As originally discussed on the forums, it was suggested to submit a RFE. ( are looking for a solution to automatically stop/exit the test when...
about 2 years ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Performance Tester 4 Future consideration

RFT/RPT adapter for RQM should be able to support shared resources in repositories

When running RFT test scrips from RQM and the RFT test scripts were at a shared location like CCM, the RFT tests would NOT be executed and there was a "projectnotfound" in RFT adapter console.In the user's case, the RFT scripts were shared at CCM,...
11 months ago in Rational Automated Software Quality / Functional Tester 1 Future consideration