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Rational Analysis, Design & Construction

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RSARTE: Restructure for better parallel build support

Batch,mk in recursive batch make type can be optimized for faster builds and easier parallel building of CDT projects.
about 1 year ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Software Architect Real Time Edition 2 Future consideration

RSARTE: Add dependencies to RTS in generated makefile

In order to get incremental build to work correctly a dependency towards RTS libraries has to be added. Now we do it our self in # Add dependencies for the targetRTS.$(1)_LIBS_DEPS += \$(RTS_LIBRARY)/libObjecTime$(LIB_EXT) \...
about 1 year ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Software Architect Real Time Edition 0 Future consideration

Allow for more than 100 links in RSA Design Manager v 6.

This request is for RSA DM; the only Product option in the online form was Rhapsody DM.Current limit of 100 links from a DM element/component to other JAZZ apps is not adequate for the large application that is being designed and developed. At lea...
over 4 years ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Software Architect Designer 3 Future consideration

RSARTE: Show state machine changes in inheritance explorer

At the moment the inheritance explorer shows changes in operations, attributes and structure diagrams. Having it also show changes in the state machine (like the Project Explorer presents them) helps in analyzing what changes have been made in der...

RSARTE: Sequence diagram: Move notes together with connected messages

When moving a line in a sequence diagram the note conntected isn't moved and has to be repositioned manually after making changes to the diagram. It would help if the note would move together with the line

New Feature "Asset Type" to be added to the downloaded report.

If I use the “Activity Audit” then select “Asset downloaded” I get the report attached. However, this report do not include all necessary information. We will need at least to add the “Asset Type” on this report to be functional for our purposes, ...
about 1 year ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Asset Manager 3 Planned for future release

Request for enhancement to RAM eclipse client

We are attempting to use the RAM Eclipse Client to move assets from an existing legacy RAM 7522 environment to a new RAM 7547 environment. We have noticed that as part of this effort that the RAM Eclipse client does not automatically move lifecyc...
7 months ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Asset Manager 0 Under review

RSARTE:Documentation Generation

It would be nice to generate a document file out of the RSARTE Model, from the UML elements.So the information of the function is structured to the related to the functionality.As an output a state diagram and a related textual description could b...
about 1 year ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Software Architect Real Time Edition 1 Future consideration

Make dragging elements from search results possible

Make it possible to drag elements from search results to class or structure diagram.When using find-named-element, it is realy handy if it would be possible to drag the find elements from the search results to eg a structure or class diagram. Now ...

RSARTE: do not redefine member variabels in subclass

Static code checkers like cppcheck give warnings on rsarte generated code for redefining member variables in subclass (like rtg_parent_state andrtg_class). This makes it very difficult to use RSARTE i.c.w. static code checkers.