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ClearCase and ClearQuest

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clearmake -C gnu should support syntax for handling multiple targets with a single rule like gmake 4.2

With the current gmake 4.2 a - long discussed - syntax feature for handling a rule of multiple targets built by the same rule was released.a b c :& build-meAs a result, this is the same as in solaris make done viaa + b + c: build-meBesi...
over 1 year ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 0 Future consideration

Add install support for Rocky Linux

IBM has retired CentOS. Stream is not an acceptable replacement in an enterprise environment. Rocky linux IS CentOS with a development org supporting it whom are highly experienced at maintaining CentOS. Please add install support for Rocky Linux.
6 months ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 0 Under review

Add support for non ASCII file name in cleartool

It appears to be that the cleartool prompt on Windows wants everything in the first 127 characters (ASCII). cleartool interactive prompt ignores the input locale, assuming ASCII, meaning filenames with accented or other international characters ma...
6 months ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 0 Under review

No world writeable Clearcase Logfiles

Clearcase writes world writeabel logfiles in Directory /var/adm/rational/clearcase/log. This is a security violation and is not allowed within Commerzbank.
about 2 years ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 1 Future consideration

ship 32bit libraries with 64bit ClearCase installations

We have multiple deployments of 32bit Perl insterpreter installations with the CtCmd binding rolled out. If we switch to ClearCase 9.0.1 and 64bit (as it is today in, these existing deployments will cease to work.We are wondering whether ...
over 4 years ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 0 Future consideration

ClearTeam Explorer Default Editor

Based on the Window -> Preferences -> Editors, there is this option for file association. Instead of setting each file one by one to be opened with my preferred editor, Users just want to set their default editor (e.g. text editor) for all t...
7 months ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 1 Not under consideration

MVFS Taints Kernel on RHEL 7

We receive a message in the Linux messages file: "kernel: mvfs: module verification failed: signature and/or required key missing - tainting kernel" for our Linux 7 systems. This is expected since Red Hat Enterprise Linux messages concerning taint...
almost 2 years ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearCase 0 Future consideration

Provide an API method to determine a field's dynamic/named list

A field's dynamic/named list can be determined in the schema designer simply by manually inspecting a field's properties. But, there is no programmatic way to determine what named list a field is using.
8 months ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearQuest 1 Future consideration

Allow a ClearQuest administrator to turn off Template functionality

A template can used by ClearQuest ( users to save commonly entered data and then import that data when creating a new record of the same type, which saves them time. Allow a CQ administrator to turn off templates for a specified record ty...
8 months ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearQuest 3 Future consideration

New ClearQuest API "user" object method called IsGroupMember

There does not appear to be any API method for directly asking the question, is a user a member of a group. ClearQuest
8 months ago in ClearCase and ClearQuest / ClearQuest 1 Future consideration