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Software Architect Real Time Edition

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Drag and drop class/capsule names, attributes, methods, enumeration literals etc. into code

Rational Rose Realtime enabled dragging and dropping class/capsule names, attributes, methods, enumeration literals etc. from the Project Explorer into code being written in the code editor. This same capability would be helpful in Rational Softw...

RSARTE: Auto generate getter for type descriptor

We do a lot of checking based o type descriptors EgD_SomeClass.getTypeDesc().isKindOf(&RTType_D_SomeBaseClass)However the getTypeDesc() is a function we have to create ourself. This is a virtual function that must be overwritten in each subcla...

RSARTE: Restructure for better parallel build support

Batch,mk in recursive batch make type can be optimized for faster builds and easier parallel building of CDT projects.

RSARTE: Add dependencies to RTS in generated makefile

In order to get incremental build to work correctly a dependency towards RTS libraries has to be added. Now we do it our self in # Add dependencies for the targetRTS.$(1)_LIBS_DEPS += \$(RTS_LIBRARY)/libObjecTime$(LIB_EXT) \...

Add Redefine operation feature to public API

Custom plugins are built based on using the provided APIs. It is a must to be able to redefine operations automatically but there is not such feature in the public API. We expect RTRedefineOperationCommand functionality to be part of the API.

RSARTE:Documentation Generation

It would be nice to generate a document file out of the RSARTE Model, from the UML elements.So the information of the function is structured to the related to the functionality.As an output a state diagram and a related textual description could b...

Detecting of corruptions in model files

Due to a corruption in model file, statemachine of a capsule was no longer displayable(exception is reported) and thus modifiable by user. No errors are reported while loading models, thus user assumes no problem. Users would like to be aware of...

Capsule inherited state of the state machine cannot be displayed

An inherited state of one of the capsules(say Capsule_A) that is inheriting from another Capsule(say Capsule_B) cannot be displayed. See attached image for the dialogdisplayed on UI, Purpose of the user is to navigate and view the contents of the ...
about 1 year ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Software Architect Real Time Edition 1 Future consideration

RSARTE: Better support for generated class operators

Better support for generated methods for C++ classes.Via the C++ general tab several C++ methods (constructor/equality operator etc.) can be generated automaticallySeveral improvements and extensions are possible:- Make these generated operators v...
about 1 year ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Software Architect Real Time Edition 1 Future consideration

Support for chrono classes in RTServices library

In the C++11 standard the chrono library has been addes for date/time support. Make it possible to call RTServices functions directly with std::chrono classes (in addition to RTTimeSpec)In particular: make it possible to call informIn witha std::c...
about 1 year ago in Rational Analysis, Design & Construction / Software Architect Real Time Edition 1 Future consideration